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Get To Know New York’s Capital City

100 Things To Do In Albany Before You Die reveals the beauty, excitement, and surprises of New York’s Capital Region.

Ever see a building that defies description? Meet the Egg, Albany’s architectural wonder. Walk amidst giants at the Empire State Plaza, where one of the country’s tallest buildings reaches for the skies. And within its confines, find an art collection so stunning it belongs in a museum.

In a city infamous for the Capitol building’s haunted Million Dollar staircase, there’s also the colossal presence of the largest Walmart Supercenter in the US and the world’s largest indoor roller-skating rink.

Penned by local travel writer Sandra Foyt, this book isn’t just for tourists. Both new visitors and longtime residents will find a bucket list jampacked with insider tips, covering well-trodden paths and the delightfully obscure.

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Order A Signed Copy

Get a signed copy of 100 Things To Do In Albany Before You Die ($18.00) by Sandra Foyt, author and photographer of AlbanyTraveler.com. Shoot me an email at editor@albanytraveler.com and let me know if you’d like me to write an inscription or make the book out to someone.

Albany NY is home to…

  • Ornate historic theaters still showcasing films and live performances, including one that provided the setting for HBO’s The Gilded Age.
  • The largest Walmart Supercenter in the US.
  • The Schuyler Mansion, home to Alexander Hamilton and his wife, the Van Rensselaer heiress, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton.
  • A brewery heritage dating back to America’s early Dutch settlers.
  •  The endangered Karner Blue Butterfly.
  • One of America’s oldest museums, the Albany Institute of History & Art, founded in 1791.
  •  The haunted Million Dollar Staircase at the New York State Capitol, a National Historic Landmark.
  •   Some of the best Italian restaurants outside of the Mediterranean.
  • Stunningly beautiful waterfalls and natural landscapes that inspired one of America’s earliest art movements, the Hudson River School.

Empire Plaza

It’s the perfect companion to help you plan your ideal day trip, weekend getaway, or extended vacation in Albany, New York.

Part of a national series from Reedy Press, this local guidebook directs you to the best locations for:

  • food and drink
  • music and entertainment
  • museums and culture
  • recreation and sport
  • shopping and fashion

Plus, themed itineraries and seasonal suggestions make it easy to plan the best trip to match your interests and time of year.

How To Use The Guide Book

Explore Albany NY:

  • Boredom Buster – Open the book and do whatever is on that page!
  • Invite Guests – Send the book to family and friends to encourage visits.
  • Promote Good Will – Makes a great closing gift paired with local products for realtors and other regional businesses.
  • Scavenger Hunt –  Plan an outing, or series of outings, around a theme.
  • Souvenir – Get autographs from each business in the book.
Thacher Park

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