Scoop Up A Trip Around The World At Moxies Ice Cream

Welcome to the world of Moxie’s Ice Cream, a seasonal family-run haven of heavenly dairy treats, delighting patrons since 1969. Guided by the passionate Miss Pam, this inviting, vintage-style gem weaves pure joy with their homemade ice cream, using a super-premium 14% butterfat mix, natural flavors, and authentic inclusions that result in a velvety, melt-in-your-mouth experience.

One taste of their legendary Blue Moon flavor, and you’ll be hooked, joining the ranks of die-hard Moxie fans. Embark on an exotic journey with their six international vanillas, brace yourself for a spicy twist, or dare to sample their rotating inventive offerings.

Vanilla Sampler
The Around The World with Vanilla Sampler includes Dominican Republic, Indonesian, Mexican, Tahitian, and Ugandan Vanilla.

Their past “Mystery Flavors” have been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride – from Sweet Corn or Avocado to Curry and even Dill Pickle Juice. But be forewarned, Moxie’s operates on a ‘once it’s gone, it’s gone’ policy, turning each flavor into a limited edition.

The ice cream stand opens with full stock on Mother’s Day, and very little is left by the last days of August. And, in between, every day is a celebration–especially National Ice Cream Day when the museum is open to visitors.

Moxies museum

Get the Scoop on Moxie’s History

Moxie’s Ice Cream isn’t just a beloved ice cream shop, it’s an integral part of the local history that dates back to 1932. Originally, it was a milk processing and bottling facility named Wagar Brothers Dairy, established by the ambitious Wagar men with financial support from their matriarch. The facility would process milk from nearby farms in mere hours, reflecting the freshness that still characterizes Moxie’s offerings today.

Between 1935 and 1936, the building welcomed a transformative addition – a catalog-ordered, prefabricated ice cream parlor. State-of-the-art ice cream machines and refrigeration equipment were introduced, and by the summer of 1936, the Wagar family was proudly selling ice cream made from fresh local milk. This tradition continued through 1964, only interrupted by a brief hiatus during World War II due to sugar and cream rationing.

Today, Moxie’s pays homage to its rich history in a number of ways. The museum collection features an impressive collection of ice cream scoops, and visitors can glimpse history in action with a 1909 soda fountain installed in the service window.

This fountain holds its own celebrity story – it was once operated by a young soda jerk named Joseph Levitch, who later rose to fame as comedian Jerry Lewis. The proud current steward, Pam Allie-Morrill, loves sharing this trivia, connecting the vibrant past of Moxie’s to its delicious present.

In a nod to its dairy roots, the shop incorporates beams from the old Wagar dairy barn into the rebuilding of the loading dock at the back of the Moxie’s building. This small detail helps preserve and honor the legacy of the Wagar family and their contribution to the sweet delight that Moxie’s continues to serve up.

What’s In That Blue Moon Flavor?

Blue Moon, the signature flavor of Moxie’s Ice Cream, deserves its own special mention. This vibrant blue-hued ice cream flavor, typically associated with the Upper Midwest, is a cult favorite among Moxie’s patrons.

The true origins of Blue Moon ice cream are shrouded in mystery, with various cities in the Midwest, including Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Ludington, Michigan, claiming to be its birthplace. Regardless of its origins, the love for this unique flavor has spread far and wide. The Chicago Tribune aptly describes it as “Smurf-blue, marshmallow-sweet” – a visual and gustatory description that perfectly encapsulates its appeal.

This unique flavor is a staple in the mix of Superman ice cream in some states, further amplifying its superhero status among ice cream flavors. Blue Moon is not readily found outside the Midwest, making its presence at Moxie’s in Brunswick, NY, all the more special. This dreamy, sweet concoction is not just an ice cream flavor at Moxie’s – it’s a delightful experience that will leave you longing for more. Be sure to grab a scoop (or two!) on your next visit.

Moxies blue moon

Blue Moon Is Out Of This World!

Blue Moon is not just a sensation in the US, it has international counterparts that are equally cherished. The flavor goes by many endearing names, each reflecting its bright, cheery character and the joy it brings to ice cream lovers.

In Italy and Malta, the flavor is known as ‘puffo’, the Italian word for ‘Smurf’. Germany has its own versions named ‘Schlumpf’ and ‘Engelblau’, translating to ‘Smurf’ and ‘angel blue’, respectively.

France serves up its blue treat under the name ‘schtroumpf’ – again, inspired by the Smurfs. In Slovenia, the name takes a turn towards the atmospheric with ‘modro nebo’, meaning ‘blue sky’. Argentina’s rendition, ‘crema del cielo’, translates poetically to ‘sky cream’.

In Poland, the flavor continues its association with the beloved blue characters as ‘smerfowe’, or ‘Smurf-like’, typically taking on a bubble-gum flavor.

These international nods to the Blue Moon flavor underscore its global appeal and contribute to its unique allure at Moxie’s. So whether you call it Blue Moon, puffo, or crema del cielo, it’s a delightfully sweet, joy-inducing flavor that connects ice cream enthusiasts around the world.

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Cones $4.20-$6.75; Around The World With Vanilla $9.91 (includes mini-scoops of Blue Moon & 6 International Vanillas)


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